No doubts – dropping a match or a fag end could cost you £50

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DROPPING a cigarette end, match or wrapper could be seriously bad ... for your wallet in Kirkintilloch and Bishopbriggs.

Fed-up council chiefs have declared war on anti-social smokers who are littering pavements and roads throughout East Dunbartonshire.

A zero-tolerance campaign, ‘No Butts About It’, kicks off next month – preceded by a two-week awareness campaign.

You could even be hit with a £50 fine for dropping a cigarette wrapper or match.

Councillor John Dempsey insists: “Smokers need to take responsibility and consider other members of their community, as well as their local environment.

“If a smoker is unable to dispose of their cigarette litter in the ashtray bins provided, they must take their litter home and dispose of it in the appropriate manner.”

Councillor Dempsey – vice-convener of development and infrastructure – added: “We are committed to working with the public to advise and inform smokers as many are unaware that smoking-related items such as cigarette ends, matches, plastic wrappers, etc, are considered litter.”

The council’s environmental community protection department took over responsibility for issuing fixed penalties for littering at the end of 2008.

Since then 32 fixed penalty notices have been issued – the majority for cigarette litter.

The council is launching a two-week awareness campaign on February 27 and is setting up kiosks in Kirkintilloch and Bishopbriggs offering information, advice and free portable ashtrays.

During this time smokers will have the chance to dispose of their litter if spotted by an environmental warden, but they will get a £50 fine if they do not pick it up.

From March 12, however, the zero-tolerance campaign kicks in and fines will be issued. The crackdown coincides with No Smoking Day on March 14.

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