“No timescale” for adoption of £30m road say council

Initiative Road
Initiative Road

Council roads chiefs have admitted they have no idea when they will take over a £30million which angry residents say has been “left to rot”.

Initiative Road, which links Kirkintilloch with the M80, was opened in December 2010 and has attracted regular complaints about litter-strewn verges, safety issues, dying trees, landslides and other maintenance issues.

In recent months there’s been confusion and anger over who is responsible for the upkeep of the road - which the council have yet to ‘adopt’.

At different times, senior council officers have insisted that the buck stops with either contractors Carillion, a consortium of housing developers involved in the road, the Kirkintilloch Link Road Management Board (KLRMB) or a combination of the three.

Fed-up motorists and householders now believe that the road will only receive proper maintenance once it comes under council control.

One resident who lives near the road said: “It’s a disgrace. It was meant to attract businesses into Kirkintilloch but all it’s going to do is put them off.

“Not a single business has opened up next to the road since it was opened. No wonder, when it’s been left to rot.

“Nobody knows who is meant to take care of the road so nobody is going to until it’s adopted.”

But Thomas Glen, the council’s director of development and regeneration, told the Herald that no date had even been set to assess what work - if any - needed to be carried out before adoption.

He explained: “Prior to adoption of the road, the council as roads authority must meet with representatives from the KLRMB and carry out an assessment of all necessary works required before the council would approve adoption.

“The road must be to an adoptable standard to allow the council to take on the responsibility, both operationally and financially.

“As yet this assessment has not taken place and a timescale for adoption cannot be confirmed.”

The admission is doubly surprising considering that Mr Glen also sits on the KLRMB as director of Kirkintilloch’s Initiative (KI) - which employs no staff and has been almost entirely subsumed by the council.

Mr Glen said: “KI remains formally constituted and I am there to ensure that the project is delivered in line with the legal agreements set out between KI and the consortium of housebuilders, to ensure the road is delivered in line with the contractual requirements.”