Not open all hours – claims that heavy trucks are out of order

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ARE builders at a new housing development breaking planning conditions?

That’s the fear of anxious residents living near the Campsie View site, in Kirkintilloch.

Dawn Homes is building 30 houses on the land.

One of the planning conditions was a ban on construction traffic entering or leaving the site before 9am or after 3pm - to minimise congestion during rush hour and ensure the safety of children on their way to and from school.

Residents have previously raised concerns that large vehicles are accessing the site outwith the permitted hours . . . and they say it’s still happening.

One residents said: “My wife came off a night shift at work at 7.55am and vehicles were coming in then.

“Some days I’ve seen them after 3pm. It’s ridiculous – the council is supposed to be monitoring the situation.”

Thomas Glen, head of development and enterprise at East Dunbartonshire Council, said: “The site continues to be monitored by the planning service for any breach of time or noise restrictions.

“With the exception of one breach previously confirmed and pursued with the developers, no further breaches have been evidenced or reported to the council.

“The early hours restriction in deliveries is only for large goods vehicles greater than 7.5 tonnes (eg rigid box vans or longer) entering or leaving the site before 9am and after 3pm.”

Mr Glen said details of any alleged incidents should be reported to the planning service.

Dawn Homes were not able to provide a comment as the Herald went to print.

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