Nursery kids leap into action to save frogs from croaking

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CARING kids at a nursery sprang into action to help protect their amphibious friends from croaking it on local roads.

Youngsters at Stepping Stones Nursery designed ‘Save the Frogs’ roadside posters to encourage drivers to slow down . . . and they ‘hop’ their artistic efforts will help save froggy friends from being squished.

The nursery was asked to help by Taylor Wimpey at Frankfield Loch in Stepps.

Over the summer, large numbers of frogs attempt to leave the safety of the waters and cross the road to their breeding ground – which is also near the approach road to Taylor Wimpey’s Frankfield Loch development.

There are special tunnels provided for the frogs to reach their breeding ground, but many choose to take the riskier route of crossing the road.

Around 50 children from Stepping Stones Nursery took part in the challenge.

Cheryl McVey, deputy head of Stepping Stones Nursery, said: “This challenge was great fun for the children and staff alike.

“It’s given us an opportunity to teach the children, not just about the environment, and of course the pond-life that we have our doorstep, but also about caring for nature. We’re so proud of the children’s work and I’m sure their posters will be effective in slowing down traffic so hopefully a few more frogs will make it across the road!”

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