Adventures ahead for ocean diver Anna, 81

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A member of Kilsyth’s scuba diving club is preparing for a very special 82 birthday celebration – by going on a diving trip in Indonesia.

Grandmother-of-two Anna Illingworth is one of 33 active members of the British Sub-Aqua Club’s Thistle Divers Club which meets eevry week in Kilsyth.

Anna took up diving aged just 68 and has since travelled all over the world

Anna, whose birthday is in May, will be jetting off on this latest adventure with her son.

Anna, who has been a qualified BSAC Ocean diver for 15 years, said: “I have had some incredible experiences diving around the world.

“I think my most memorable was in the Maldives. I went diving with manta rays, we weren’t very deep and had around 20 manta rays feeding around us.

“Then I looked up and saw two huge whale sharks above us at the surface. I think that had to be my most memorable and unforgettable experience. It was absolutely amazing.”

Anna joined Thistle Divers because she was bored swimming lengths in the pool after her husband died.

Her instructor, Rob Sewell, said: “She really is a remarkable lady and is a very popular club member. She’s been a member far longer than most and used to be our snorkelling instructor. She is our oldest club member and you simply couldn’t meet a nicer nor more sincere person.”

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