Clown craze is no joke

Crazy clown craze sweeps into the southside
Crazy clown craze sweeps into the southside

Police have warned that pranksters who are posing as ‘killer clowns’ to terrify people could face arrest.

The warning comes after a female reader, who has asked The Extra to respect her anonymity, was accosted by someone dressed in a clown costume as she was taking a short cut through Queen’s Park in Langside.

She told The Extra: “I had just entered the park when I heard something. As I turned around there was someone dressed as a clown standing beside a tree. The ‘clown’ started to walk towards me and I screamed. As I did, the person ran off.

“I’d never heard of this ‘killer clown’ thing and thought it was someone going to a party - but it wasn’t funny.