One step closer to Allander Rail halt with park and ride

At last Thursday’s council budget meeting the Liberal Democrat Group proposal for a new feasibility study on a rail halt at the Allander Leisure Centre was agreed.

This means that £50,000 has been set aside to forecast demand and transport models in order to determine benefit cost ratios for the Allander Rail Station.

This report will then be brought back to the council when a further £454,335 can be used to complete a full financial and technical feasibility study.

Liberal Democrat Bearsden South councillor, Vaughan Moody, said: “This study proves our commitment to a rail halt at the Allander and will help persuade our partners. Transport Scotland and the Scottish Government will only treat us seriously if we conduct the study which shows genuine need for a halt. The parking problems around Milngavie, Hillfoot, Bearsden and Westerton stations indicate an unmet demand for an extra station with park and ride facilities.”