Open window led to car theft

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A black Nissan Morano was driven away from a home in Moodiesburn’s Gleniew Avenuwe early on Monday morning after thieves gained entry through an open living room window and stole car keys.

The theft happened just before 5am.

In another early morning incident a 50-year-old Stepps woman was woken at 3am Monday by a noise at her bathroonm window.

Going to investigate she saw a set of ladders against the window – leading police to conclude a thief had planned to gain entry through the open window and commit a burglary.

A white Ford Fiesta had its windscreen smashed, number plates wrenched off and door and wing mirrors ripped of in a vandal attack on Larch Road in Moodiesburn, some time between 8pm on Thursday and 8.50am on Friday.

Police had repeated their call for people to lock and secure all door and windows, especially before going to bed at night – and to ensure the garage and car are locked and secure.

Two youths from Stepps aged 13 and 15 were arrested for an alleged breach of the peace on Clayhouse Road at 8.30pm on Saturday,

A 17-year-old Glasgow youth was arrested for an alleged breach of te peace and vandalism on Hilltop Road at 5.45am on Saturday.