Ordeal for mum and her son

Burns Court, Kirkintilloch
Burns Court, Kirkintilloch

A knife-wielding thug and his gun-toting accomplice ambushed an OAP’s home in an apparent case of mistaken identity.

Joseph Devenney and the mystery man forced their way into the flat of terrified Isobel McGregor in April last year.

They threatened to shoot the 63-year-old before turning on her son, Scott Murdoch, who had pleaded with the duo to leave.

Scott was brutally attacked before being left for dead as the pair fled the scene at Burns Court, Kirkintilloch.

But Devenney was later traced and last week at the High Court in Glasgow he admitted assaulting Isobel and her 44-year-old son.

A judge remanded the 36-year-old in custody for what he called “extraordinary violence”.

Devenney, of Clydebank, is due to be sentenced next month.

The attack occurred at Isobel’s flat in Kirkintilloch last April. Her son Scott had also been living there temporarily at the time.

The pair had each gone to their beds around midnight when they were later awoken by loud banging at the front door.

They were then stunned to find Devenney and an accomplice forcing their way in.

Devenney was armed with a 12-inch knife while the accomplice had a pistol. The court heard one of the pair yelled: “Who the f*** are you?”

Scott then begged: “This is a family home, please leave us alone.”

After the pair bundled their way inside, Isobel was grabbed by the neck before Devenney told his friend: “Just shoot her in the leg.”

A phone was smashed as Isobel tried to dial 999, and Scott was punched, kicked and pistol-whipped after he grabbed the blade.

Prosecutor Angela Gray said at this point the victim felt “sheer panic” and believed he was then going to be stabbed.

Police were helped in catching Devenney after his DNA was found on a hat left at the scene.

The court heard the knife and the firearm used were never found.

The other man has also not been identified.

Devenney’s bail was revoked and he will be sentenced on April 8 at the High Court in Edinburgh.