Our lovely leap year baby won’t be one for four years!

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A KIRKINTILLOCH couple were leaping for joy when their lovely baby daughter was born on February 29.

But now they will have to wait until 2016 before they can officially celebrate her first birthday!

Baby Ava was one of the first leap year babies born in Glasgow this year.

Proud mum Michelle Ness gave birth to Ava at the Princess Royal Maternity Hospital at 3.26am.

She weighed in at a healthy 6lbs 6oz and was also welcomed into the world by dad Robert Travers who was at the birth.

The couple have agreed that Ava’s birthday will be celebrated on March 1.

Mum Michelle said: “I didn’t really think about the date when she was born, but everyone has been saying that it’s a special date.

“For me it would have been special no matter what the date.”

Ava’s birth provides further celebration for the family as she is the first girl to be born on her dad’s side in around 30 years.

Grandmother Evelyn Weir, who is Robert’s mum and also lives in Kirkintilloch, said: “She is my first granddaughter and the first female in 30 years on this side of the family.

“We never gave the date any thought, we were all too excited when Michelle went into labour. Then one of my sons said ‘you do realise we are going into a leap year’ and that is when it hit.”

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