Owner’s warning after dog attack

Kelly Pender with Jock and Gypsy
Kelly Pender with Jock and Gypsy

A Bishopbriggs woman wants to warn fellow pet owners after her two Westies were injured in an unprovoked 
attack by another dog.

Kelly Pender said her dogs Jock and Gypsy were attacked by the Wheaten Terrier on grassland at Fintry Crescent while out for a morning walk.

Kelly claims it’s the fourth time the same dog has pounced on her pets while it has been off the lead.

Her two dogs had to be seen by a vet and nine-year-old Jock suffered an injury to his back.

Kelly, of Muirhead Way, said: “I really thought my two dogs were going to end up dead. Their waterproof jackets actually saved them from being ripped apart.

“The dog that attacked them is bigger than a Labrador and it picked up Jock in its mouth and shook him. You can still see its teeth marks in the jacket.

“I ended up on the ground, covered in mud, trying to get this big dog off mine.”

She added: “The last time it happened I was assured by its owner it would be kept on the lead in future.

“Both my dogs were on the lead and I urge other animal lovers to take action. Don’t accept pets being dangerously out of control in public areas.

“Nobody should be frightened for their pet’s life or their own safety while trying to enjoy a daily walk. I am too frightened to walk with them in this area near my own house.”

Kelly said she now intends to take up the matter with the authorities in an effort to have the owners of the dog issued with a control notice to force them to keep the animal on a lead in public.