Pacteau appeals against his sentence for murder of Karen Buckley

Alexander Pacteau
Alexander Pacteau

The man who killed Irish student Karen Buckley is to appeal against his sentence.

Alexander Pacteau, 21, was jailed for a minimum of 23 years after admitting bludgeoning Karen (24) with a spanner and strangling her in his car.

He then attempted to dispose of her body in a vat of chemicals at a farm near Milngavie.

The papers were lodged at the Criminal Court of Appeal in Edinburgh earlier in the week.

At his sentencing in the High Court in Glasgow on 8 September, Judge Lady Rae said Pacteau had carried out a “brutal, senseless and motiveless attack on a defenceless young woman”.

Pacteau originally faced a second charge of attempting to defeat the ends of justice by misleading police and trying to conceal Miss Buckley’s body.

The Crown withdrew the charge before his plea and his solicitor John Scullion QC suggested his actions after the killing should not therefore be regarded when considering sentence.

During the sentencing, Lady Rae told the court she regretted that the Crown had withdrawn a charge relating to Pacteau’s actions after the murder, saying it “tied her hands” to some extent in relation to the sentence.

But she added: “I have come to the view I cannot ignore your conduct after the killing.”

A Scottish Courts spokesman said: “Alexander Pacteau lodged a notice of intention to appeal against sentence on 16 September 2015.”