Parent claims fight broke out at kids football event

Holy Trinity Primary School.
Holy Trinity Primary School.

A football event for kids during the first week of the summer holiday descended into chaos - according to parents.

One parent says the event at Holy Trinity Primary School in Kirkintilloch on Friday, July 7, which he believes was organised by a community warden, was ‘an absolute shambles’.

He commented on Kirkintilloch Herald’s facebook page: “My son went the first Friday of the holidays. An absolute shambles!

“Firstly it’s not in the school, it’s in the small staff car park, with a pothole in the middle.

“All the kids were about 10-12 years some of them were swearing and spitting.

“There was one very small street football pitch between them all.

“One coach spent 40mins on his phone while the other tried to keep order, it only took 45mins for it to get out of control.”

He says the event was held right next to the road the boys were chasing the ball out onto the road.

And he claims the situation got even worse when several adults turned up and accused one of the boys of stealing a kid’s bike.

He added: “More adults came, bricks were thrown and police called.

“My son was petrified but luckily I didn’t feel comfortable leaving him so I had stayed and was able to take him and his wee friends away.

“It’s a shame when activities that could potentially be great for kids are badly organised and thought out and spoiled by others.”

Kirkintilloch Police Office has confirmed that they attended after receiving a call about the disturbance and they gave advice to those concerned.