Parent shocked by dirty toilets

Boclair Academy, Bearsden
Boclair Academy, Bearsden

A parent was shocked to discover the “disgusting” condition of the female changing rooms for Boclair Academy’s swimming pool.

Sharon Middleton’s five-year-old daughter attends swimming lessons at the pool with Total Swimming.

The last time she was there she says the toilet was dirty, smelly and had no seat or toilet paper.

She said: “It was so bad you could smell the changing room as you stepped into the corridor.

“Not only were the toilets utterly disgusting, unhygienic and dreadfully smelly but the light doesn’t stay on unless you dance around to keep it on.

“My daughter was terrified the first time she used it as the light suddenly went off and left her in the pitch dark.

“There is regularly no toilet roll because it’s lying on the wet and dirty floor.

“There was also urine on top of the stank.

“Parents of children at Boclair Academy who are using these facilities would be shocked and angry if they knew about the condition of the changing rooms.

“It’s utterly vile, totally unacceptable.

“I’d even say it’s inhumane.”

Mrs Middleton believes that Total Swimming has contacted East Dunbartonshire Council several times over the past 18 months to raise the issue with them but so far it has not been solved.

They have also asked an MSP to help with the problem.

Grace Irvine, Director of East Dunbartonshire Council’s Neighbourhood Services, said: “These changing rooms are routinely cleaned throughout the day and prior to evening and weekend lets.

“As part of the council’s ongoing maintenance programme, works are scheduled to take place during the Easter school holidays within the PE area of Boclair Academy.”