Parents call for crossing patroller on busy road

Junction of Hunter Road and Castlemains.
Junction of Hunter Road and Castlemains.

A St Joseph’s Primary School parent is calling for the council to provide a lollipop person on one of the main roads leading to the school.

Vicki Roger posted a comment on the Herald’s Facebook page recently to say that she thinks the crossing at Castlemains Road at the junction with Hunter Road in Milngavie ‘is an accident waiting to happen’.

She said: “Is there any hope at all that we can get some sort of safe crossing at Castlemains Road/Hunter Road?

“I walk to St Joseph’s Primary every day. This junction is an accident waiting to happen. No one even acknowledges pedestrians.

“A lollipop person would be a start, but what they really need is a set of traffic lights.

“It’s ridiculous that there’s no safe crossing at all between Mains Estate and St Joseph’s Primary School.”

Vicki says that Dumgoyne Avenue at Oakburn Gardens is also dangerous. She said: “It’s a joke too, but it’s slightly safer. Would be great to have at least one 100 per cent safe crossing on the school run.”

According to local people cars parked on Hunter Road obscure the view and exit for anyone coming out of Castlemains Road.

Joanne Wilkes agreed. She commented on our Facebook page: “People speed round that corner from both directions it’s scary.

“Especially with the cars parked directly in front of the junction it’s just too hard to judge when safe to cross. It’s dangerous.”

St Joseph’s Primary School is on North Campbell Avenue off Craigdhu Road.

Grace Irvine, director of East Dunbartonshire Council’s neighbourhood services said: “We understand when parents have concerns about their children’s safety and take these very seriously.

“An assessment of school crossing sites throughout the authority was previously carried out and there was no recommendation for a school crosser to be present at Castlemains Road.

“Following this enquiry, however, we will carry out another assessment to see if the situation has changed.”