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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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READERS have their say on the issues which matter – September 25, 2013

Disabled parking

As a blue badge holder who regularly uses the disabled parking bays in our area, I am appalled by the amount of abuse by able-bodied individuals using the spaces.

This situation has been brought to the attention of the council before and I would have hoped by now that the council could have used the legislation available to re-designate the use of these bays as illegal for anyone but a blue badge holder - but no, the abuse goes on.

To make matters worse, many of the bays have barely visible markings on the tarmac due to wear and tear, neglect or no back-up signage. All of which makes it easy for abusers to use the “I didn’t know” excuse when they are parking inconsiderately.

Sites such as The Auld Kirk Museum, the rear of the Clydesdale Bank, Harestanes Primary School to name a few are in need of action. This situation has lasted too long already - the council should act now to improve the situation and help this section of the community whose problems have been ignored time and time again.

David A Clark,

Carrick Court, Kirkintilloch

Traffic concerns

Can I clarify some of the comments wrongly attributed to me by your un-named ex-council worker.

My letter (September 11) did not describe Menteith Avenue as a rat-run. Further, they asked if I was saying that children were playing in the road, again my letter was quite clear and I did not say they were ‘playing on the road’.

However, your correspondent has ‘hit the nail on the head’ when he points out that Menteith Avenue and Springfield Road run through Etive and Woodhill Park. How are families expected to allow their children to access this park when there have been cars recorded travelling in excess of 50mph on these roads?

The question is not really about the loss of time drivers might experience if the road was closed. Nor is it the loss of time drivers might experience if a mandatory 10mph speed limit was imposed for the stretch of road that runs through these two public parks - a not uncommon situation in other public parks.

No, the real question is - do we want to have a community where children can walk to the park without their parents being concerned that they might encounter a vehicle travelling at twice the speed limit on Menteith Avenue?

Do we want a community where a selfish minority deny residents the enjoyment of walking by making them fear for their safety?

And do we want a community where we can never hope to change and improve the lives we lead every day?

I know that many car drivers want speeders dealt with and understand why a slow community is a safer and happier community.

The problems your correspondent has highlighted for vehicles using South Crosshill Road needs to be addressed. With the completion of the Bishopbriggs Relief Road there should be no reason to give priority to through traffic from the Torrance Roundabout and beyond. Then the sequence of the lights could be changed to ensure easy access to our town centre from Woodhill.

Just because things are the way they are, it doesn’t mean they can never change. Let’s make Woodhill an even better place to stay.

If people have any suggestions to improve the situation on Menteith Avenue they can contact the group on our website -

Donald Macdonald

(via e-mail)

Masterplan Consultation

Since, after eight weeks, there has been no response from the council officials to my submission to the “consultation” on the Kirkintilloch Masterplan, I put some of the points in this letter.

Following up Bill Forest’s letter a few weeks ago, on the masterplan’s “Town Hall Square”, I suggest that Kirkintilloch could have a fine town square if the road in front of the town hall was removed and a large paved area created (cutting out the proposed grass triangles).

The traffic usage of this road is light and if Cowgate is to be pedestrianised it would not be required anyway. Some forward thinking is needed.

The article in the last issue, quotes me as stating that the proposed landscaping at Barleybank does not provide a “new public square’. As the website masterplan picture shows, it does give a wonderful entrance for the church.

Of course the church is very pleased, as the article indicates, but the question arises of who will pay for the wall work and paving extension into the church property? Surely not the council.

Hopefully this question will be answered at the upcoming meeting of the council’s planning board. The money would be better spent on providing a fine town hall square.

One problem with the Barleybank ‘public space’ plan is the elimination of existing comfortable bench seats, which are fine for the elderly and infirm.

The proposal shows eight concrete blocks, as in front of the town hall. (As Bill Forest stated - ideal for leaping skate-boarders.) Why can’t the bench seats be retained? Also, the canal bank could be cleared and some benches added there.

Regarding access to Barleybank car park, how can having one entrance off the by-pass help trade in the centre of Kirkintilloch? Why can’t the previous convenient access to Barleybank car park be re-opened? The traffic using this would be less with the double entrance, so flow would be improved on Cowgate. This could be tried right now, to see how it works.

One final point relates to the magnificent wide steps off New Lairdsland Road, leading up to the council hub. Was this work necessary? The previous ramps were adequate and pedestrian usage slight. No hand-rails for the stairway are being provided for safely of elderly and infirm people - and the high-heeled tipsy!

Note that this pre-emptive work on the steps and the car park occurred well before the end of the official ‘consultation period’, thus making a mockery of local democracy, as just reported in the Accountability Scotland Conference (

Dr J Wallace Hinton

Milton of Campsie

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