Parking problems driving us crazy

Heath Avenue, Lenzie 31.8.11 Picture by Jamie Forbes
Heath Avenue, Lenzie 31.8.11 Picture by Jamie Forbes

LENZIE has suffered enough – that is the view of fed-up residents who are calling for action on parking.

A year ago there were hopes that an end was in sight for parking problems in the area when the council announced a £340,000 improvement project.

Public consultation was carried out on plans to provide 54 extra car parking spaces at Lenzie Station and introduce two-hour parking limits in the surrounding area.

But plans have been put on ice while the council works on Decrimalised Parking Enforcement (DPE), which will see responsibility for parking management transferred from Strathclyde Police to the local authority.

Lenzie and Kirkintilloch South councillor Gillian Renwick described that as a “slap in the face” for campaigners.

She said: “The plans the council had agreed could have gone ahead in the spring rather than delaying or scrapping them. Lenzie has suffered enough.

“I had hoped the new bus route through the Woodilee estate in conjunction with the parking plan for the streets around the train station – along with extra parking areas and short-term parking near the shops – would have come together to revitalise Lenzie and not see it so bogged down with cars.”

Councillor Renwick said the Lenzie plans could have progressed alongside DPE – which will see the council employ its own traffic wardens.

Thomas Glen, the council’s head of development and enterprise, said: “The council remains supportive of the Lenzie parking strategy and, as such, plans for improvement of parking in and around Lenzie train station have been put on hold to ensure they tie in with the wider parking strategy as well as the wider decriminalisation of parking enforcement.

“This wider parking enforcement strategy will be subject to consultation with local people and businesses.”

SNP councillors will raise the DPE issue at the next meeting of the full council.

The policy and resources committee recently voted 6-4 in favour of progressing with plans for a “shared support service model” and instructed officers to work on the details.

However, that must be agreed by the full council and Councillor David Ritchie insists that will not be the usual formality.

He said: “There are a lot of unknowns and we want more information. I’ve had local businesses say to me it will decimate their business if parking charges are introduced in Kirkintilloch.”

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