Parking tickets – double-check the fine print

Strathkelvin Retail Park, Bishopbriggs 30.9.10 Picture by Jamie Forbes
Strathkelvin Retail Park, Bishopbriggs 30.9.10 Picture by Jamie Forbes

DOUBLE check the fine print before you pay up – that’s the message to drivers who might have been hit by controversial parking fines.

The warning came after Torrance resident Christine Dorrian received fines for parking in Strathkelvin Retail Park for more than the allowed three hours on two separate days.

She received two letters asking for payment, with pictures of her car entering and leaving the car park - but she was shocked to see that the times were completely WRONG.

Christine has now paid the fines and admits she broke the rules by parking in the retail park before catching a bus into Glasgow to attend university classes.

But she fears that others may have been wrongly hit by the fines because of the faulty recording equipment.

She explained: “For anyone who has received a parking fine at the Strathkelvin Retail Park, can I assure you that the photographic claims are farcical.

“The photographs claim to be my car entering the car park at 10.22am and exiting at 2.23pm.

“Strangely enough, my Boots receipt shows that I was shopping at 10.04am and I have proof that I was nowhere near the car park at 14.23pm.”

The second fine said she was entering the car park when, in fact, she was on a bus. The letter then alleges she exited at 2.14pm when she insists she actually left around four hours later.

She said: “I know technology has moved on, but to suggest that my car is driving around on its own is ludicrous!

“I have paid the fines and will not be returning to the car park, nor to the retail park shops.”

A spokesperson for Reith Lambert, who manage the retail park on behalf of owners Derwent told the Herald that the matter would be investigated.

The spokesperson said: “The owners and ourselves will be looking into the matter and will contact the company who operate the car park about the allegations of faulty equipment.”

He added that the car parking arrangements were currently under review following complaints from local councillors about the introduction of charges.

Derwent are expected to make an announcement soon.

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