'Pathetic' council lashed over snow business

FURIOUS residents have branded East Dunbartonshire Council's reaction to the bad weather as 'pathetic'.

As the sub-zero conditions continued last week, many householders demanded to know why their residential streets had not been gritted or cleared of snow.

Izzy Hanson (68) who lives in a retirement apartment in Bishopsgate, in Bishopbriggs, said: "We fought for years to be on the gritting list.

"The snow ploughs should have been brought in before it was gritted and turned to mush.

Some residents haven't managed to get anywhere.

"When we contacted the council we were told that the street is not a priority."

Stephen Crainey, who lives on Kincardine Drive, in Bishopbriggs, said: "I understand the weather is bad, but I've stayed here for three years and it's the same every year.

"The gritters never come up to the top of the road, the pavements aren't cleared and the grit bins aren't filled so, even if we wanted to do it ourselves, we wouldn't be able to.

"I've complained countless times over the past few years and I'm not letting it go this year - I pay council tax and I want answers."

Another resident, who lives in Kirkintilloch's Waverley Park, said: "I know we need to give the council some time to sort out the roads but this is getting ridiculous. We cleared our road ourselves but then it snowed again and we were back to square one.

"We phoned the council on countless occasions but nothing seems to be done.

"People can't get their cars out but can't walk on the pavements either, because they've not been gritted either and are solid ice.

"Other countries cope with far worse conditions than this."

Many pavements across East Dunbartonshire were causing safety concerns and several people were reported to have fallen in the ice on Cowgate, Kirkintilloch, with an ambulance called to at least one incident.

Refuse collections were also brought to a halt as bin lorries were unable to negotiate icy streets - normal service was expected to be resumed this week.

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