Thousands voice fears over loss of Milngavie community facilities

28.6.12 Photograph Jamie Forbes.  New signets and ducklings at CE Centre pond Milngavie.
28.6.12 Photograph Jamie Forbes. New signets and ducklings at CE Centre pond Milngavie.

The response to a public 
consultation on the future of community facilities in Milngavie has been hailed as “unprecedented”.

The consultation over East Dunbartonshire Council’s proposals to build a new 
community hub and the 
future of the community 
education centre, closed on September 27. 

Malcolm Boddie, who chairs the newly-formed CE Centre Users’ Action group, collated submissions from 32 groups, totalling almost 2,000 residents.  

The 150 members of Milngavie Community Development Trust support the idea of a Hub, but also want the town hall to be upgraded with the addition of a community cinema and protection of the pond at the CE Centre. 

Milngavie Community Council warns that the council’s proposals will mean the loss of the local library, Lillie Art Gallery, after school care facilities and the greenspace and pond adjacent to the CE Centre building.  

It is lodging a Participation Request under the Community Empowerment Act (Scotland) 2015, which would allow community groups to be 
involved in planning decisions. 

Ann Davie, Depute, Chief Executive for Education, People & Business, said: “The Milngavie Community Hub engagement exercise that has just concluded was seeking views on the principle of co-locating and retaining the facilities from both the 
Community Education Centre and Town Hall and Lillie 
Art Gallery in one enhanced location at the Town Hall 

“The engagement exercise was extended to enable the community to fully participate and we are now analysing the submissions to inform a report to council on next steps for the Community Hub Development.

“We were pleased to see over 100 people attend our information sessions back 
in June and have received nearly 200 emails with a 
range of views on the