Velma’s Asda VIP trip to meet old friends

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Staff at Asda in Bearsden 
welcomed back a well-kent 
face to the store recently.

Velma Rollison was a daily visitor to the local supermarket before moving into Buchanan Lodge Care Home in the town.

She missed her regular trips to the store where she had built up real friendships with many of the staff.

So much so, that the care home, in conjunction with 
Asda’s Community Champion June Kennedy, organised a special VIP visit for Velma as part of the home’s Wishing Well programme.

June said: “Velma was one of our very regular customers who would visit every day. She would come into our store from around 10am and would still be there at around 2 or 3pm.

“She was loved by all our colleagues. We started to miss her coming into our store and wondered what had happened.

“One morning she returned to the store with her carer. It was so lovely to see her. She had tea and cake in the cafe where she met all her friends. We gave her flowers and chocolates, and she got quite emotional.

“We were so happy to see her knowing she was doing well.”