Pet slashes paw on glass left by party animals at canal ‘nightclub’

Southbank Marina, Kirkintilloch
Southbank Marina, Kirkintilloch

PAWS for thought and stop being so doggone stupid – that’s the message to rowdy youths who have been dumping glass bottles and other litter near a canal pathway.

The woman who regularly walks her dogs along the Forth and Clyde Canal, near Southbank Marina in Kirkintilloch, claims neds are using the area as an impromptu nightclub!

She says that on Friday and Saturday nights as many as 20 young people gather in a field just beyond the walkway.

The woman’s dogs have been badly injured on broken glass and she has had to pay hefty vet bills.

She said: “They are using it as a nightclub. I have no objections to this, as they are out of the way and probably not causing any harm, but what I do object to is the mess they leave behind.

“There are broken bottles, cans, plastic bags and empty cider bottles. There’s even a shopping trolley, and it’s gradually getting worse.

“All of this makes the environment messy and causes untold suffering to wildlife, as well as my two dogs, who cut their paws on the broken bottles left behind.

“My last vet bill was £265 after one of my dogs suffered a bad cut to it paw.”

She added: “I’ve reported this to the police a couple of times and they said they would send someone out. I think the police should patrol the area more often.”

Strathclyde police were not available for comment as the Herald went to press.

The woman is organising a clean-up of the area on Monday, May 21, at 5pm. Bags and gloves will be provided.

If you are interested in taking part, meet at Southbank Marina, in Kirkintilloch, at 5pm.

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