Petition launched against Catherine Street junction experiment.

Catherine Street trial
Catherine Street trial

Hundreds of people have signed a petition calling on East Dunbartonshire Council to scrap a controversial traffic system trial.

The trial at Catherine Street, in Kirkintilloch town centre, started on Monday, August 11, when carriageways were narrowed, traffic lights deactivated, railings removed and green pedestrian crossing points painted on the road surface.

It means that no stream of traffic has formal priority over the other, while pedestrians are given right of way.

The Herald was quickly inundated with complaints from drivers and pedestrians who slammed the scheme as “badly thought out” and “downright dangerous”.

Kirkintilloch resident Andy Lenihan launched the petition and his own Facebook page last week and quickly saw more than 500 people sign up.

He said: “Sign here and spread the word - let your voice be heard that you want this trial stopped now.”

The Herald have requested a comment from East Dunbartonshire Council.