Petrol station sparks anger amongst residents

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PLANS for a hi-tech new petrol station will make traffic problems worse and coul lead to job losses, it has been claimed.

Asda has lodged plans to build a fully-automated, four-pump station at its Bishopbriggs store.

However, a Bishopbriggs Community Council spokesperson said: “We don’t need another petrol station and the community council has grave concerns that if this opens it could have a negative impact on existing stations in the area.

“We’ve already got problems with parking at Asda and this will cause more congestion and bring more vehicles to the store.”

A spokesperson for Asda said: “Asda have submitted a planning application for a petrol station in Bishopbriggs.

“The AA confirms when there is an Asda petrol station in town, everybody else lowers their prices.

“That’s because we are the only petrol retailer to have a national price cap guaranteeing a fair fuel price for our customers.”

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