Plain clothes police officers patrolling Bearsden

Police Scotland
Police Scotland

Plain clothes officers are currently patrolling Bearsden after a spate of house break-ins.

A recent social media post by a resident on a local facebook page raised concerns about two men in their 30s in the driveway of a house on Ravelston Road on October 4 at 12.15am.

The post said: “They were driving a dark five door car - possibly a Ford Focus.

“Our security light lit up and my dad spotted them in the drive and questioned them.

“They claimed to be plain clothes police and produced some sort of neck pass.

“Said they were driving along the road and thought they had seen someone in our drive so they went to investigate.

“However they approached our neighbours front door and on reviewing CCTV footage their actions were slightly odd for ‘police’.

“Particularly when one can be seen shaking his head.”

However Police Scotland has confirmed that this was genuine plain clothes police officers.

A spokesperson said: “Our housebreaking team has confirmed it was them.

“Extra patrols are in the area throughout the night at the moment to look out for any suspicious activity.

“They will always be carrying their police issue warrant cards so if members of the public want to verify their identity they just need to ask to see them.”

Alternatively they can call Police Scotland on their non emergency number 101 to check that callers are genuine.