Planners block Celtic’s access road application

Campaigners with petition
Campaigners with petition

Planning chiefs have blocked an application by a football club to scrap a condition designed to protect residents from traffic headaches.

Original plans for Celtic Football Club’s Lennoxtown training ground included an access road from nearby Glen Road that was supposed to be build by house builders.

But the development was a casualty of the economic downturn - leaving the club to rely on supposedly ‘temporary’ access via residential Station Road.

The club recently applied to have the temporary access made permanent - by dropping the relevant condition of their planning application.

Angry residents protested against the plans, insisting that Station Road is not suitable for the type and volume of traffic the training ground attracts.

They also say speeding traffic uses nearby Netherton Oval and Castle Road - both of which are PRIVATE roads.

At a meeting of the planning board last week councillors voted against dropping he condition by 16 votes to four.

Instead, an amendment put forward by Councillor David Ritchie was approved - giving Celtic another two years of temporary access via Station Road.

But resident Finlay Dow said: “This is all very well, but how temporary is temporary?

“We might be in the same situation in 20 years time.

“I just don’t understand how Celtic were allowed to build their ground without a completed access road in the first place.”