Plans to create a community food growing garden

There are plans to create a food growing garden in Milngavie
There are plans to create a food growing garden in Milngavie

There are exciting plans to create a community food growing garden in Lennox park in Milngavie.

Following on from the success of the Family Fun Day in Lennox Park that rounded up Milngavie Week, Milngavie Community Development Trust (MCDT) has put on a wall mounted display downstairs at Gavin’s Mill, at the entrance to the Fairtrade Cafe.

The display includes an artist’s impression of how the local parks of Lennox and Oakburn Park could look.

These designs have evolved from a series of public meetings run by MCDT, as well as the feedback from local schoolchildren who took part in a debate on the Sporting Provision with Milngavie.

MCDT Chairperson Callum Christie said: “It’s great that the public get to have a look at these designs, and give us their feedback which we can then use to show East Dunbartonshire Council what people really think.

“We are especially keen on an idea to build a Community Food Growing Garden in Lennox Park to complement the Community Orchard that we recently secured funding for.

“A Community Food Growing Space could help teach school kids about growing vegetables and fruit, as well as being used for therapeutic purposes for those with disabilities and their carers.

“The area would also contain growing beds for folk who want their own growing space, more akin to a private allotment.

“We need as many people as possible to look at this display and to leave us their feedback and let us know if they would like to be actively involved in a Community Food Growing Project.”

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