Plans to sell loch are sunk – to the delight of anglers

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NOT for sale – that’s the message after the ditching of plans to flog a loch on the outskirts of an East Dunbartonshire village.

Antermony Loch, in Milton of Campsie, is owned by East Dunbartonshire Council.

Councillors decided at a full council meeting last week NOT to sell the loch, near Milton of Campsie, and instead agreed to “retain this asset”.

The council had asked Caurnie Angling Club, which has leased the loch since 1943, if they wanted to buy it.

But at the start of the year it controversially decided to advertise the loch on the open marked due to interest in the sale.

Campsie Outdoors, which has lodges, a visitor centre and a shop behind the loch, also wanted to purchase it.

The news has been welcomed by Caurnie Angling Club, who feared for the future of the group if the loch was sold to a commercial organisation.

Secretary Roger Hughes said: “The club is delighted that the community still owns such a beautiful place. It would have been a shame to lose it.

“We had been in limbo for a year and worried about the future.

“We had been concerned that if a commercial interest had bought the loch it would jeopardise the club.”

Diane Campbell, director of corporate and customer services at East Dunbartonshire Council, said: “We can confirm that the council agreed not to sell Antermony Loch at its meeting on September 20.

“Having assessed the bids, the council’s view is that it should retain this asset. This was always an option for the council in going through this process.”

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