Play park littered with dog mess and bottles

Problems in park
Problems in park

A father is worried about taking his child to a play park because of an overflowing bin filled with dog litter.

The smell of the bin, in a Woodilee Village park, is causing him to think twice before taking his child to play.

The area is maintained by RMG property management, a service that residents pay for, and the bin is emptied once every fortnight.

Colin Wood (40) said: “We go to the park every week and every time the bin is overflowing with general waste and bagged dog waste.

“It puts me off bringing my child to this park.

“My concern is that children may access the bin and it’s extremely uncomfortable for parents to sit. Not only is this unhygienic but isn’t safe for children to be around.”

The bin is situated next to a bench where parents sit to watch their children and empty alcohol bottles have also been spotted in the play area.

He said: “As I see it, there’s no other bins in the area that enable responsible dog owners to discard waste so I can appreciate that they have to use this bin.

“It’s obviously cleared but not as regularly as it should be.”

Richard Orr, of RMG Property Management, said: “The play area bin has been emptied as part of the routine maintenance contract.

“We are due to meet with the local authority to address our request for the provision of additional litter and dog waste bins in this area.”

A spokesperson for East Dunbartonshire Council confirmed that RMG Property Management had only very recently been in touch to arrange a meeting about bin provision in the area.