Plea to keep travellers from occupying water works

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SECURITY measures have been demanded to protect a site used by travelling people.

Concerns were raised by residents in the Hayston area of Kirkintilloch after travellers moved on to the former Dryfield waste water treatment works. The site is owned by Scottish Water.

A spokesperson for the water authority said: “It is Scottish Water’s responsibility to take the necessary legal action to stop any unlawful occupation on its property and have any temporary dwellings removed.

“Scottish Water did contact a sheriff officer when we were informed of the unlawful occupation by travelling people of land owned by Scottish Water at the former Dryfield waste water treatment works.

“However, when the sheriff officer attended, the travelling people had moved on.”

Campsie and Kirkintilloch North councillor Charles Kennedy has called on Scottish Water to secure the site to prevent unlawful use of the land in the future.

He said: “I was contacted by a number of concerned Hayston residents.

“While I appreciate very much the prompt action taken both by Strathclyde Police and Scottish Water, I feel that it is absolutely imperative that the site is made secure.”

However, Scottish Water say there is a combined sewer overflow at the site and they need to maintain access.

The spokesperson added: “We do not plan to take any additional security measures at the site, but if there is a recurrence of any unlawful occupation Scottish Water will take the same legal action to stop the occupation and have any temporary dwellings removed.”

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