Pledge of improved access to local healthcare to people of East Dunbartonshire

People living in East Dunbartonshire are set to benefit from improved access to locally based healthcare as part of an ambitious new way of working, according to a health board.

Tuesday, 23rd October 2018, 4:54 pm
Updated Wednesday, 24th October 2018, 7:13 am
NHS National Services Scotland sent an internal memo to staff at its staff at Gyle Square, Edinburgh, regarding local travellers.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s (NHSGGC) Board meeting heard that as a result of the Scottish Government’s investment of £10.2m in primary care services this year patients in all our communities will see improved access to locally based healthcare.

The Board was told that the investment will be followed by a further three year investment package which will also deliver improved Public Health and Mental Health.

There will be significant recruitment to expand multi-disciplinary teams to ensure patients see the most appropriate health or care professional. The investment will also pay for the recruitment of additional community pharmacists and physiotherapists.

This additional recruitment is part of the new Primary Care Improvements Plans (PCIP) - being put in place across each of NHSGGC’s six Health and Social Care Partnership areas – and is designed to focus GP time for those with the most medical need.

The East Dunbartonshire plan aims to:

· Give people across East Dunbartonshire better access to services

· Improve public health and mental health

· Focus GP time for those with the most medical need

· Expand multi-disciplinary teams to ensure patients see the most appropriate health professional

It will also mean that ways of working across the Board area will share consistent principles to ensure consistency of care and a more co-ordinated approach to recruitment.

The Board anticipates this new way of working will help people in East Dunbartonshire access the right person, at the right place, at the right time.

The goal is that GPs and primary care will be at the heart of the local healthcare system. The investment and recruitment of new staff means people will access the right professional at the right time meaning they can remain at, or near home, wherever possible.

The Plan will respond to local needs and priorities in East Dunbartonshire. It will set out how it will develop the new services and teams as well as the best use of resources.”

Expanding the Board’s primary care workforce to make it both more integrated and better co-ordinated with secondary and community care will enhance patients’ primary care experiences, according to the health board.