Police called in over council post-it threat

Kessington Hall, Bearsden.
Kessington Hall, Bearsden.

Council officers received an anonymous threat at the first public meeting for Phase 2 of the controversial Bears Way project on Milngavie Road.

A queue of people were waiting for the doors to open at 3pm for the drop-in session in Kessington Hall in Bearsden on Thursday (November 19).

Death threat Post-It note

Death threat Post-It note

Members of the public were given post-it notes to stick on the wall with their views on the project.

However one person wrote: “Where do we queue to execute everyone here who works for EDC?”

There were also reports of council staff being sworn at by members of the public. One of them was said to be “visibly upset” and left the meeting.

Representatives from residents associations and community councils along with local politicians have condemned the death threat.

Victor Budas, from Burnbrae Resident’s Association, said: “While I understand that many people were feeling very frustrated there’s no excuse for this kind of behaviour.

“When I was there things were quite heated on occasion and it was hard to find anyone who was in favour of the Bears Way project.

“People feel this project has been over-engineered, poorly conceived and there’s been no real consultation with people. They are worried it’s unsafe so I think that’s why people are feeling so angry.”

Councillor Duncan Cumming added: “I condemn the offensive and threatening language which was used on a post-it note.”

Local business owner Craig McMillan added: “This meeting was a shambles and waste of time.

“It wouldn’t have mattered what anyone said - the council has made its decision and this will be foisted upon the people of Bearsden and Milngavie - like it or lump it.”

Councillor Alan Moir, Convener of Development and Regeneration, said: “I would like to thank the many people who came along to the meeting and expressed their opinions - both positive and negative.

“Regrettably there were examples of abusive and unacceptable behaviour directed towards employees of East Dunbartonshire Council and its partners in the scheme, Cycling Scotland and Sustrans.

“Let me be clear - abusive behaviour towards any employee - in person, over the phone or online - is wholly unacceptable. The council adopts a zero tolerance approach to this issue.

“East Dunbartonshire Council is liaising with Police Scotland in relation to unacceptable behaviour as regards the A81 Bears Way project.”