Police confirm crooks have it taped up

Police confirm criminals have been using sellotape
Police confirm criminals have been using sellotape

The police have confirmed reports that crooks are using sellotape on the doors of houses to see if anyone is home.

They are warning people to be vigilant after they were contacted by a Milngavie resident who found that someone had sellotaped over the keyholes at her parent’s home in Milngavie.

Sellotape was also put on the side gates of the house.

This happened on a street which has been targeted over the past few months with several burglaries taking place.

The police explained to her that the burglar was trying to see if people were in the house and they would return to check if the sellotape had been disturbed.

The police have put on extra patrols in the area.

Inspector Ewan Henderson from Kirkintilloch police office offered some advice to residents.

He said: “We’d encourage people to report any unusual changes to your doors - has sellotape been added to your doors and frames? Thieves will use this to see if you are home.

“Also if you have an alarm make sure it’s set, and use timer switches on lights when you are out.

“If you share a communal stairwell, ensure the door entry system is well maintained.

“Do not keep large sums of cash in your home, and keep valuables out of sight

“Keep car and house keys well away from your doors. Rods and poles are used to reach through letterboxes and open windows in order to steal keys.

“And don’t leave valuables in your car.

“Make sure your house, outbuildings and vehicles are locked, and close all windows at night and when you are not at home.”