Police launch major operation this weekend to tackle anti-social behaviour and violence


There may be some spooky goings on this Hallowe’en weekend but the police want to make sure that everyone has lots of fun - with no trouble or violence.

They are launching a major operation this Friday (October 30) in Kirkintilloch in a bid to prevent anti-social disorder and violence.

This latest push, which is part of their ongoing Campaign Against Violence, also comes just before the start of Bonfire Night celebrations and there will be additional police patrols, plain clothes and uniform, across East Dunbartonshire.

They will also have officers based with CCTV and joint patrols with EDC community wardens.

Gerry Corrigan, Community Inspector at Kirkintilloch Police Office, said: “Many officers who ordinarily work in office based departments will deploy to work with local officers to enable us to really focus on issues identified by local communities.

“Staff from East Dunbartonshire Council Community Protection Services will also join us on patrol, including licensing staff, night noise teams and community wardens.

“In addition, local councillors will join us so we can really make that link with local communities and focus on areas that give them concern.

“By focussing our resources and working with partners and local communities, we aim to target and address local problems to ensure we keep people safe within their communities.

“As always, if you see officers out and about please approach them and let them know your concerns. We will be doing live tweets based on the works of the patrols so please follow us on Twitter at @eastdunbpolice.”