Police: Make junction safe

Photo Emma Mitchell 05.09.16'Shared space scheme, bollard been knocked down
Photo Emma Mitchell 05.09.16'Shared space scheme, bollard been knocked down

Police want safety to be improved at a busy town centre junction – after two accidents within a fortnight.

Safety bollards, which have replaced metal barriers as part of work on a controversial ‘shared space’ scheme in Kirkintilloch, have been flattened twice by vehicles. Community Police Inspector Ewan Henderson, at Kirkintilloch police office, told the Herald this week: “We are keen to mitigate any further issues and make the junction as safe as possible for people.” The Herald highlighted the latest incident on its website on Thursday, when a safety bollard at the corner of Kerr Street at Cowgate, was struck by a vehicle.

After reading the story, local woman Caroline Moriarty, who was in the town centre at the time, got in touch with police.

She told the Herald: “I was leaving the Bank of Scotland on Thursday, crossed the road and turned back when I heard a loud noise.

“A lorry, a cement-mixer type, was turning the corner with the Bank on its left.

“Surely there are CCTV cameras the police can check.”

Caroline added: “My daughter was nearly being hit by a bus on that corner. I complained about that to the police too. Someone is definitely going to get hurt.”

Inspector Henderson said: “We are aware of the latest incident. We are looking into it and discussing it with our partners in the community.”

A bollard on the other side of the busy junction, at Catherine Street, was also flattened by a vehicle two weeks ago.

Thousands of local people have been campaigning against the works at Cowgate by East Dunbartonshire Council, which began in February this year.

Protestors fear for the safety of pedestrians, particularly disabled people, blind people, the elderly and children.

The project has seen the removal of traffic lights and pedestrian crossings at the Catherine Street/Kerr Street junction, as well as the safety barriers.

Thomas Glen, Depute Chief Executive - Place, Neighbourhood & Corporate Assets, said: “We are aware there have been two bollards damaged recently.

“All drivers are required to observe road markings and street furniture.

“We will continue to monitor the area – including liaising with local partners – and the bollard in question will be repaired.”