Police ‘pop-up’ is fake, insists furious force

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BE on their guard for a new Internet scam which has ‘hijacked’ police logos from Strathclyde andd the Met!

Strathclyde Police say one person in Robroyston and two in Barmulloch have already been targeted by the ‘pop-up’ scam in the last fortnight.

When people are using their computers, a window suddenly opens telling them their computer has been locked because adult or violent content has been viewed.

The scam even uses Strathclyde and Metropolitan Police logos.

The user is then told to visit a website called ecash where they have to pay £100 to get their computer unlocked.

One person in Springburn has already fallen for the scam.

Community safety officer Gerry Keenan, of Baird Street Police Office, said: “If anyone comes across this, report it to your local police station and do not pay any money.”

You can call police on 0141 532 4100.

Meanwhile, a woman was pushed to the ground and a bid made to snatch her backpack, police have revealed.

The incident took place on London Road at around 2am on Saturday, December 17. The 59-year-old victim needed medical help for facial injuries and a fractured ankle.