Police report 13 arrests from Saturday’s Hampden clash

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Police made 13 arrests in and around Hampden Stadium yesterday, most for minor public order offences.

But there were also some isolated incidents in the city centre - still under investigation - which police say were brought rapidly under control.

Numerous social media and some online news coverage report a large number of police and police vehicles in and around George Square.

Meanwhile a man was injured and three others assaulted in a disturbance in St Vincent Street at around 9pm - it isn’t known whether this was linked to the aftermath of the game.

Police, commenting on “the incredible atmosphere” at the Scotland v England World Cup qualifier, say the great majority of fans behaved in a respectful and responsible manner.

Meanwhile multi-agency planning for yesterday’s game - including armed officers in line with anti-terrorism measures - is said to have been extremely effective.

Officers were coping both with thousands of fans descending on the city and with the task of supervising a typically busy Saturday night’s pubs and clubs scene.