Police seize booze from underage drinkers

Seized alcohol
Seized alcohol

Police have pledged to continue to clamp down on antisocial drinkers - after seizing over 30 litres of alcohol over two weekends.

Local community police officers in East Dunbartonshire are currently stepping up their campaign against alcohol-fuelled disorder and violence.

Traditionally the start of summer, longer days and better weather sees a spike in problems caused by youngsters drinking.

But underagers have been warned that the police will be adopting a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to antisocial behaviour - with “prompt and effective intervention” promised.

Recently, officers confiscated over 30 litres of alcohol intended for drinkers under the age of 18, or being drunk in public places.

And East Dunbartonshire Community Police Teams will continue to patrol the area’s streets and parks in the coming weeks.

Chief Inspector Rob Hay, area commander for East Dunbartonshire says that the tactics have already paid dividends - with communities experiencing less issues with antisocial drinking than in previous years.

He explained: “Typically as the light nights begin and better weather starts, we see an increase in antisocial behaviour, usually related to the consumption of alcohol.

“That hasn’t happened this year, and part of the reason for that has been our proactive patrolling of public spaces to identify and seize alcohol from those drinking in public places, particularly children.

“Aside from the direct health concerns this sort of behaviour increased vulnerability and can often lead to those involved becoming victims of crime.

“One of the other reasons is the excellent work our partners do to offer young people positive alternatives to this sort of activity, such as the KLC 629 sports initiative at Kirkintilloch Leisure Centre.”

In addition to these directed patrols, earlier this month Police Scotland ran test purchasing operations at five off-license premises in East Dunbartonshire.

Chief Inspector Hay added: “Our operations extend to targeting the source of alcohol in the community. I am happy to report that on this occasion all five premises targeted passed, demonstrating responsible business practices were being used.”

As we head toward summer and the good weather starts to pick up, local Community Police Officers are stepping up their Officers from the East Dunbartonshire Community Police Teams through robust engagement and the use legislation continue to seize alcohol which is intended for members of our community who are under 18 and those members of the public who drink in public places, over the past two weekends officers have seized 30 litres of alcohol

Incidents of anti social behaviour impacts on all members of our communities, antisocial behaviour covers a range of activities, and as such local police officers throughout East Dunbartonshire adopt a zero tolerance to all incidents of antisocial behaviour.

Where antisocial behaviour presents itself, then prompt and effective intervention is required.