Police to use Disney DVD to deliver a postive message

DVD launch
DVD launch

Police in East Dunbartonshire are stepping up their crime prevention efforts with the use of an educational DVD from Walt Disney.

The ‘Safety Smart: Honest & Real’ film, which features 
Lion King duo Timon and Pumbaa, is intended to 
nurture kindness, honesty and responsible behaviour.

However, police are hoping its positive messages will help to deter criminality and protect youngsters from getting into dangerous situations.

The DVD, which has been endorsed by INTERPOL, was unveiled last week at a screening for P1-P3 pupils at Woodhill Primary School, in Bishopbriggs.

Constable Alex Moore, 
Police Scotland’s local liaison officer, says the project will now be rolled out in schools across East Dunbartonshire.

He said: “This early intervention helps children to make positive decisions 
on how to protect themselves and stay safe.

“Most young children have seen television and film 
images of people involved in serious and organised crime and the lavish lifestyles they seem to lead. This can create the illusion that crime can be glamorous.

“Teaching children from an early age that this is not the case is very important.

“The DVD will also help to prepare them to recognise dangerous or illegal situations and to make the appropriate decision if and when they are confronted by them.”