Police warning about pickpockets in Glasgow

Keep your valuables safe
Keep your valuables safe

It’s the weekend!

Whether you are spending your time socialising or shopping in town, the police are warning people to be vigilant as pickpockets are active in all major cities just now and Glasgow is no exception.

A police spokesperson said: “We are reminding people to be aware of their belongings - the Crimestoppers Putpocket Campaign highlights just how easily you can become a victim.”

They are advising members of the public to watch the Crimestoppers Putpocket Campaign video, they have also issued some advice on how to keep your valuables secure:

Security mark valuable items. This makes it harder for thieves to sell them on. It also helps police to ensure items are returned to you if they are found.

Record details of your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, camera and other property at www.immobilise.com.

Install a tracker device on your mobile devices which could help find them if they’re stolen.

Don’t leave personal possessions, such as handbags, unattended when out and about. Make sure they’re in sight if you’re in a bar or sitting at a table in a restaurant.

Try not to display cash, expensive items or jewellery too overtly.

Insure your belongings and keep your insurance details handy.

Keep your mobile phone out of sight and don’t attract attention to it when not in use. Use the security lock.

Keep a record of the 15 digit IMEI number which is unique to the device and record on www.immobilise.com. To find the IMEI number, dial *#06# on your mobile phone.

If lost or stolen, contact the police and service provider immediately.