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Chief Inspector Rob Hay.
Chief Inspector Rob Hay.

With Chief Inspector Rob Hay

Police Scotland

East Dunbartonshire

The beginning of April saw the first birthday of Police Scotland. Considering the scale of the challenge in terms of bringing 10 legacy organisations together and merging them into one, it is a real measure of success that there has been little noticeable difference to the public.

Keeping people safe is at the heart or our service and in East Dunbartonshire in the last year we have seen crimes of serious violence reduce by almost a quarter and over 1700 less reports of disorder to the police.

I want to build on high levels of public confidence and encourage people to come forward and report crimes, confident of a consistent response.

Despite our best efforts, there will always be those whose criminal and antisocial behaviour causes misery in our communities. Like many of you, I read with concern reports in the Herald of antisocial behaviour in Burns Court, Kirkintilloch.

Rest assured that the local community police officers for the area will be patrolling and swift enforcement action will be taken against any persons found to be responsible.

Police Scotland is here for the local community, our local policing priorities are set by you and we will support law-abiding people.

For those intent on criminality and causing harm in any area, we will do everything within our power to make your life difficult, including working with our partners.

Abide by the law or we will deal with you - the choice is simple.

If I can make one request to you. East Dunbartonshire is a safe place to live, however it is NOT recommended that you leave your house, car or garage unlocked!

I am always surprised by the number of reports I read where persons have had their house ransacked and/or car stolen because their house has been left insecure.

Check all doors and windows are locked and keep your keys in easy reach when you go to bed.