Bin motions fail to find support

The report going to the Infrastructure Committee can be found in the MARS section of the council's website

An SNP motion calling for a report into the ongoing difficulties in North Lanarkshire with the new bin scheme failed ... because one already exists.

The report written by the head of Regulatory Services and Waste Solutions Andrew McPherson will be presented to the Infrastructure Committee today (Wednesday).

It answers many of the questions the SNP demanded answers to within 14 days at a special meeting of the full council on Friday.

Group leader Councillor David Stocks said: “There is no doubt this is the biggest shambles in the history of the council, Andrew McPherson and his team were asked to do the impossible when trying to implement this.”

The Labour administration played down talk of ‘crisis’, but SNP Infrastructure spokesperson Councillor Tracy Carragher said: “Councils across Scotland implemented this scheme without the chaos we’ve seen here, this is a crisis and the public deserve to know what went wrong.”

Council leader Councillor Jim Logue apologised and committed to making the system work for everyone ... eventually.

He said: “Did anyone imagine we would get it right for every household on the first day?

“We have got it right for 90 per cent of our residents and to the 10 per cent we didn’t get it right I apologise and assure them we will get it right in the next few weeks.”

A motion criticising Councillor Logue and Infrastructure convener Michael McPake’s leadership also failed.

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