Council leader accused of “backtracking” over Kirkintilloch shared space

Shared space roadworks continued this week.
Shared space roadworks continued this week.

Local MSP Rona Mackay has criticised council leader Rhondda Geekie for “backtracking” on comments she made on radio about the controversial shared space scheme in Kirkintilloch.

Ms Mackay had been trying to meet with East Dunbartonshire Council boss Thomas Glen to discuss the process of replacing safety crossings at the Catherine Street junction after Councillor Geekie admitted live on BBC Radio Scotland the project hadn’t worked and could be reversed.

However, just weeks after the show, in which the MSP also took part, Mr Glen said there were no plans to reinstate the lights and work would continue.

Ms Mackay has accused Councillor Geekie of doing a “U-turn on a U-turn”, which the council leader denied.

Meanwhile, weeks after saying it had “no wish to impose a design that will not work for local people”, Sustrans, who set the design criteria for the shared space, said on Monday: “We continue to be supportive of East Dunbartonshire Council regeneration works in Kirkintilloch.”

Disabled campaigner Sandy Taylor said: “This is all a desperate attempt to save face, having wasted over £3 million of public money on a scheme detested by motorists and pedestrians alike.”