Council refuses to discuss bin issues

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A request for North Lanarkshire Council to discuss problems with the new bin collection schedule was refused.

At last week’s full council meeting SNP Group leader David Stocks requested that Standing Orders be suspended for a debate on the matter.

This went to a vote, but with only 37 of the 66 members present agreeing it did not reach the two-thirds majority needed.

There has been numerous complaints from North Lanarkshire residents about bins not being collected and different bins being emptied into the same lorry, new compostable liners and recycling bins not being delivered receiving either several different collection calendars or none.

SNP members believe the new system should be halted until the department have been given the proper time to work out how to implement it.

SNP infrastructure spokeswoman Councillor Tracy Carragher said: “North Lanarkshire residents will rightly be furious at this latest failure by the local authority.

‘These changes are almost universally opposed but, despite election promises to the contrary, Labour have forced this through with help from their Tory allies without giving the department sufficient time to implement them properly.

“Councillor Michael McPake championed these changes, he should be front and centre explaining what has gone wrong and apologising to the people of North Lanarkshire.

“The SNP remains of the view that these changes should have been put on hold until a full public consultation had been held.

“Now we have residents who have been given several different calendars, some who haven’t been given the bins they require and others whose wheelie-bins are full of the wrong type of material at the start of this new process.

“The council administration must commit now to ensuring that this is resolved.”