UKIP put up election candidate in East Dunbartonshire

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Hamilton man Donald MacKay is standing for UKIP in the East Dunbartonshire constituency at Thursday’s general election.

He has run a mortgage 
broking business for 24 years.

A spokesperson for the party said: “Leave voters have had as their MP, Jo Swinson who has made clear her 
objective to repeal Brexit.

“Her closest challenger is the SNP who say they want an independent Scotland but don’t really since they wish to remain in the EU.

“If you therefore wish Scotland to remain in the UK and wish Britain to leave the European Union, then neither of these candidates offer this prospect. But UKIP can.

“Donald understands that government very often is the root cause of our difficulties rather than the solution. We do not need more professional politicians who know no other environment, rather ordinary people who actually live in the real world and apply common sense to our challenges”.