Power cut after pylon pirates hit Milngavie

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Thieves risked their own lives when they climbed pylons to steal live overhead power lines near Bardowie - causing a power cut in Milngavie.

About 60 properties in Milngavie and the surrounding area lost their power supply for several hours on Friday, April 4 after criminals stripped away sections of cable from the electricity network.

Scottish Power contacted customers in the G62 area to tell them their supply would not be restored until 5pm because the damage to power lines was more extensive than they had originally thought.

Jan Patience from Bardowie near Milngavie, said: “This is a new one on us!

“It seems there are no depths - or heights - to which people will go to make a fast buck.

“It was really inconvenient for both me and my husband as we work from home.

“Scottish Power, to its credit, was quick off the mark to fix it though they told us it may go off intermittently through the day.”

A Scottish Power spokesman said: “These criminals show a staggering disregard for their own safety, that of the public and also our employees.

“It is important all our equipment is in service so we can maintain a good quality of electricity supply to all of our customers who depend on our service.

“Dangerous acts like this not only have the potential to cause serious injury but could also result in widespread loss of electricity supply to homes and businesses.

“It quite simply beggars belief that anyone would put their life on the line by interfering with thousands of volts of electricity to steal small amounts of cable with a minimal scrap value.”

Chief Inspector Rob Hay said: “Theft of cable such as this can have a significant impact on local communities. Vulnerable individuals left without power can be a serious matter in addition to the widespread disruption amongst the community at large.

“We are committed to working in partnership with utilities companies to reduce such thefts. In addition to risking their lives through their own recklessness, the persons responsible are risking their liberty; as if they are caught they will be arrested.”

If you have any information call Police Scotland on 101.