Praise for lost legend, fears over library and disgust over swans – Letters to the Editor, August 1, 2012

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Never to be forgotten

MILTON of Campsie Community Council is in summer recess at the moment, but will be arranging an Extra Ordinary Meeting (EGM) before September to discuss the best way forward regarding a permanent memorial in recogninition of Councillor Charles Kennedy’s dedication and achievements within Milton of Campsie and in East Dunbartonshire.

As secretary of Milton of Campsie Community Council I have been approached by residents with ideas on how Charles would best be remembered.

The local primary school children have asked for tennis courts to be erected within the village in his memory.

Charles was dedicated to the young people and played a major role in Craighead Youth Club’s success.

Charles would have been delighted at the number of young people, particularly those from the youth club, who attended his funeral.

He was very much respected by the youth of the village as well as the rest of the people in Milton of Campsie.

A public meeting would be the best way forward to provide everyone, particularly the younger members of the village, with an opportunity to put their suggestions and ideas regarding a permanent memorial in place.

Elizabeth McCallum,


Milton of Campsie

Community Council


Dedicated public servant

I WAS very sad to learn of Councillor Charles Kennedy’s death.

I had known Councillor Kennedy for at least two decades and more.

He was certainly a ‘dedicated public servant’ and his constituents have lost a passionate representative who had their interest at heart.

Those of us who had worked with him and known him have lost a great leader and a friend.

My condolences are to his family and especially to his sister Bridie (Agnes Dempsey) who had cared for him when he became unwell.

It is worth mentioning that his knowledge of the community he served and its needs was paramount. True to say that he was respected by all those within the wider political spectrum who had known and profited by his wisdom.

Ali Syed,

Campsie Drive,



Thank you, Charles

I THOUGHT I would get in touch with you after the sad passing of Councillor Charles Kennedy.

Charles helped the residents at 16 Eastside in getting their building fixed a couple of years back.

He helped by tirelessly working at the council to get us a grant and finally succeeded.The residents had tried themselves many times at getting this grant, but could not get anywhere.

The whole building had major work done and is now in excellent shape and we have Charles to thank for that.

On behalf of all the residents at Eastside, I would like to say ‘thank you’ Charles, you will never be equalled. R.I.P.

Jim Bennett,



Library concerns

IT really was a dark and stormy night, but no matter. It was Library Night, and we had a date at the William Patrick Memorial Library.

Despite a long day on her feet at the Co-op, my mother never failed in what she saw as her parental duty - giving her children access to the world of books. No passport required, just a library ticket.

She started me on the journey to where I am now, Head of English at Hamilton College. These visits were a precious experience and the importance of the library in stimulating my mind, enriching my imagination and improving my chances in life cannot be emphasised enough.

I believe that the plans that East Dunbartonshire Council have for the children’s section at the William Patrick Memorial Library will seriously diminish the library experience for today’s young readers.

Replacing it with some shelves in the adult lending to make room for council offices, despite vocal protest from the community, is an outrage.

Derek Hotchkiss,

Rederech Crescent,


Poignant tribute

I AM grateful to have this opportunity via your letters page to express my condolences and sympathy to the family of Mr John Rose, whose recent sudden demise was reported in your paper.

Although I did not know his wife and family, I would like to convey to them and the public at large who did know him, my admiration for him and the work that he did for his community.

I had known John for many years as our paths have crossed on a number of community events and ventures.

I have known him to be a noble and knowledgeable gentleman who assisted me on many a committee and meeting.

Latterly, he had taken to either switching off his hearing aid or sitting at the other end of the committee table when we met, as I was “always too loud and happy”.

Although the loss to his family is a very personal one, the loss to the community is a tangible one.

Mr John Rose will be sorely missed.

Gino Satti,

details supplied


Menace to wildlife

I WAS absolutely disgusted to learn of the fate of the swans that were recently featured in the Kirkintilloch Herald.

The female swan plus her two cygnets were entangled in discarded fishing line at Southbank Marina.

The mother frantically tried to save her chicks from drowning, but to no avail.

One cygnet drowned while the other one had a badly swollen leg due to the circulation being cut off as the line tightened.

The mother and remaining cygnet were rescued and taken to the Hessilhead Wildlife Centre where, hopefully, they will make a full recovery.

These irresponsible people who leave their mess lying around are a menace to wildlife among others.

No doubt this will not be the last case of its kind.

Name and address supplied.


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