Primary pupils to get the chance to learn a third language

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Education chiefs are progressing with their plans to provide both second and third language education to primary school pupils in East Dunbartonshire.

The education committee was given a report at a recent meeting which detailed the ongoing development of language skills in the local authority. To date, 33 schools in the area now provide primary one pupils with access to a second language.

Plans to introduce a third language to children before they reach P5 will now continue with pilot schools currently being identified.

Councillor Eric Gotts, convener of education, said: “Learning a second and third language will equip our young people with skills for life, enabling them to seize the opportunities that living and working in a European and global community brings.

“The earlier our young people start to learn a language, the more accomplished and confident they will be by the time they leave school. Again this will not only better equip them for the world of work, it will give them more choices about what they do and where they live, enriching their whole life experience.”

The council’s approach is based on recommendations put forth in the Scottish Government’s ‘A 1+2 Approach to Language Learning’ report published in May 2012.