Project aims to get City’s kids fit

Jamie Hepburn MSP
Jamie Hepburn MSP

A new scheme has been devised to assist young folk in Glasgow to be more fit.

Called the Active Early Years, it is a collaboration between the Winning Scotland Foundation and registered social landlord NG Homes and will be based in the north of the city.

The scheme will target the fitness of three to seven year olds and encourage them to take part in physical activity.

The Scottish Government is giving £30,000 while NG Homes will give further investment.

Active Early Years continues the work of Winning Scotland Foundation’s work promoting physical activity among young children as they move from nursery to primary school.

It is the intention of Active Early Years to work with NG Homes regeneration team to work with parents, schools, clubs and community groups.

They will develop ways to encourage physical activity and make it fun and engaging for the young ones.

The project will be based on learning from other Winning Scotland Foundation projects, which have been supported by the Scottish Government.

Jamie Hepburn, Minister for Sport, Health Improvement and Mental Health, said: “We know that if we can get children into the habit of being physically active they are far more likely to take that habit into older life.

“The earlier we can get them into the habit the better.

“Children who are physically active are happier, healthier and more likely to succeed at school.

“The Winning Scotland Foundation and their partners across Edinburgh and North Lanarkshire have run two successful pilot schemes that looked at ways to engage with schools, nurseries, parents and their children to come up with innovative ways of encouraging physical activity.

The scheme in Glasgow will build on the learning and success of those schemes.”

Executive director of Winning Scotland Foundation,Morag Arnot said: “Winning Scotland Foundation are pleased to have been awarded Scottish Government funding to support our work in north Glasgow.

“These funds willenable us to develop a programme that builds on our partnership with NG Homes and our learning from the 2014 Legacy Programme to support the physical development and activity levels of children aged three to seven years.

“This will include working with parents, families, carers, nurseries, schools, clubs and other community organisations.

“We want all young people to have opportunities to be active and healthy — and for their families to get involved too.”

NG Homes Chairperson, John Fury, said: “We are delighted to work in partnership with Winning Scotland Foundation on the Active Early Years project.

“The project has an excellent ‘fit’ with many of our community sports and physical activity programmes.

“We believe that it is vitally important to engage young people at a very age to support their long-term development and we look forward to supporting and developing activities for nursery and primary school children in the north of Glasgow with the aim of encouraging them and their families to adopt healthier lifestyles.”