protect your loved ones with a Power of Attorney

Protect your loved ones by arranging a Power of Attorney
Protect your loved ones by arranging a Power of Attorney

The council has joined a campaign to raise awareness and promote understanding of the benefits of Power of Attorney (PoA) arrangements.

My Power of Attorney is a national campaign about giving individuals the power to make decisions that will protect them, their family and those they care about should they ever lose the capacity to make decisions for


Coming up to the festive season it is generally a time where we spend more time with people important to us. It is never too early to think about granting a PoA as anyone over the age of 16 who is capable can appoint a

Power of Attorney.

Every year thousands of people across Scotland lose capacity, it could be an accident, a head injury, a stroke or an ongoing progressive illness.

A PoA provides legal authority for the attorney to make decisions for you.

The PoA could be used in the future if you become incapable. A bit like insurance, it is there just in case.

Councillor Michael O’Donnell, Convenor of East Dunbartonshire Council’s Social Work Committee, said:

“Appointing a Power of Attorney is a good way to plan for your future. If you are in a hospital, care home setting or even in your own home, no one can act for you pay bills, manage your welfare or make key decisions unless they have legal powers to act on your behalf.

“Family members often think that next of kin gives them the authority to act on someone else’s behalf, but no one can act on your behalf unless there are powers in place. The best way to do this is by granting a Power

of Attorney.”

A national television advertising campaign will be aired in December which aims to encourage viewers to contact the dedicated campaign telephone information line - 0141 287 0470 - for further information and advice.

A social media campaign has also been developed which is designed to get people to ‘Start the Conversation’ with loved ones to ensure their wishes can be respected if they should find themselves in a situation where they no longer have the capacity to make welfare or financial decisions for themselves.

The campaign is looking to encourage people to get involved by:

· following the Twitter feed (@StartTalkingPoA); and

· engaging with the Facebook page (

For more information on the My Power of Attorney campaign in East Dunbartonshire please visit or contact Paula Brown by email at